Saturday, November 14, 2009

Waiting for the hike back to the visitors center

After many "first" photos - we hiked up to the base of the mountain

We ran into Miss South Dakota on the way into Mt. Rushmore - great photo oportunity for the girls - the boys were too shy!

We went to Mt. Rushmore cave - fun - Eric experienced a touch of Clausterphobie -and had a slight panic attack - what we do for our loved ones - he didn't even tell us until we were done!

Courtney and Shelby with their souvenir rocks from the mountain we bought - The kids were getting ready to pitch money and make wishes!
Courtney and her friend Shelby had fun exploring

You can see the people up on the mountain working - funded by donations and admissions - no government help - they truely want it owned by the people!

We went to the Crazy Horse Monument -similar to Mt. Rushmore - honoring the indians - it was amazing - the story is absolutely incredible. Definately recommend a visit! The statue shows what it will look like when it is finished - you can see the mountain in the back showing what has been done.

We stayed in Rapid City ND at the Fairfield Inn - great time for the kids to play after so many hours in the car!