Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day on the Lake

We got a boat last month and finally had time to head to a lake today and "practice" the kids had a great time tubing and playing on the lake. Eric was a good teacher and I got it on the trailer my first try - I told him I must have been a pirate in my other life since I never learned any of that as a Gelb! Courtney took a friend and we had a lot of fun watching them try to get back on the tube after being ejected :)


Adam turned 13 - where has the time gone - seems like yesterday......

and more Friends!

Adam and Nick Holt had a great time playing airsoft - while the others played on the trampoline.


Our friends the Howells came in for a few days. We spent lots of time playing and having fun in the back yard. The kids enjoyed playing with Natalie on the swings and the trampoline.
Linda, Courtney and Katie Holt went and got pedicures/manicures - they were so CUTE!

Willy Wonka

Both Courtney and Adam were in the Clark play of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Courtney helped with the backstage and had a blast - Adam had the role of Charlie - both did a WONDERFUL job and I was so proud of them - I cried at the last performance!


So When the town of Vincennes gets snow - they shut down. The kids missed a week of school but had a blast in the process. It took them 7 full days before they plowed our street - thankgoodness for 4-wheel drive or we would never make it up our driveway/road. The kids even got their grandma Sharon to sled a couple of times once they plowed the roads. We even had (2) 4-wheel tow trucks get stuck in front of our house while one was trying to get the other unstuck - Can you tell that Adam is almost a teenager - wears what he wants when he wants!