Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I love the Mountains

One of the many beautiful waterfalls coming down the mountains. We stopped and let the kids throw rocks in. There were large amounts of water flowing since the snow was melting due to the heat. It was almost scary to see the currents on the otherside of the waterfall.


This is the trail sign that is around the lake that would be about waist high


Monday, after we went to temple square, we met Dawna and drove up to Silver Springs Lake in the Mountains to hike around the lake and let the kids play. It was 95 degrees in the Valley, so we weren't expecting all the snow when we drove up. DUH! As you can tell, we weren't exactly dressed for hiking in the snow. The kids had fun for a short time, Katie loved eating the snow, Matthew climbed the "mountain" that was in the parking lot, Adam made a snow angel. We were walking on top of the snow since it was so packed.

Temple Square

Monday, we left Matthew with my sister Dawna and went back to Temple Square. Eric, the kids and I went to Beehive house, Lion House (for rolls - yum) and just walked around the grounds. Here are some of the "tourist" pictures that we took. Isn't it beautiful this time of year?

Adam's ER Visit

This is Sunday Evening, on Thursday Adam had started complaining of knee pain. We would give him Ibuproffen and by Sunday, he was really uncomfortable. A friend of the family who is familiar with bones, ultrasound etc. told us that she felt that we needed to have him checked out. After x-rays they determined that his diagnosis was "Osgood-Schlatter" which is where the tendons detatch from the tibia and sometimes take "pieces" of the bone with it. His x-ray showed a piece of bone that had chipped off. Knee brace, ib/tylenol and ice are the remedies for now. Poor Matthew just laid on the floor and slept the whole time. I don't know if the doctor even noticed that he was there.

Matthew in the ER

Not a very good picture, but it was such a funny story. Matthew was so good to ride around in the car all day while he was sick and throwing up. We ended up in the Emergency Room that evening and He was on my lap crying that "he won't survive" A lady with a young baby had sat across from us and when he got done saying that, she got up and moved to the other side of the ER. It's funny because we weren't even there for him.


Courtney was such a joy to have around this week. She was so helpful and willing to do whatever was needed or asked of her. She is working on homework that was due when we got home from Utah. She is so CUTE!

Matthew's Sick

Matthew spend the whole time at the park asleep on the blanket while everyone played around him. It was an awesome park and around 90 degrees that day - you know he has to be sick to be missing out on the fun.

Liberty Park

After Matthew got sick, we ditched our plans and drove around for awhile. We met the rest of the family at Liberty Park for lunch. Eric is helping Katie climb a tree.

Music and The Spoken Work (or the "unspoken"

Sunday morning, we got up early to go to Temple Square and see Music and The Spoken Word. Last time President Monson was the featured guest and this time it was Dieter F. Uchtdorf. My Uncle Richard (mom's older brother) came with us.
Matthew told me that he didn't feel well when he woke up.
After the lovely service we went to the visitors center to start "touring" the grounds (always need a bathroom break first) Eric was amazed to see a pay phone - so we had to take a picture since he is sure that Salt Lake City is the only city in the US to have pay phones left. This was the last time that Matthew smiled!

Courtney and Matthew at the dinner after Grandma's funeral. It was so yummy and she would have loved the white starched table cloth and napkins. Very Classy!

Katie and Sammy playing with my kids at a restaurant when we got to Salt Lake City

That evening, we went to Gardner Village for dinner. They have really cute "novelty" type shope and a petting zoo for the kids. A great place to go when you visit and the food is WONDERFUL!!!

My new haircut - fun and easy


We stayed with my sister Dawna and her family in the basement of her in-laws home. It was so fun to be close and have them to hang out with. Her father-in-law set up extra beds so that we wouldn't have to sleep on the floor! How we loved "Hotel Henderson" - all the comforts of home (except that all of the kids were in the bedroom with us) This is the kids watching the large screen tv that is in the basement.


With the passing of my Grandma Donna in Salt Lake City, I packed up the family and flew out for her funeral. We left Vincennes at 4a.m.! I will never book a flight that early in the morning again. Matthew and Adam haven't flown since there were babies, so it was a treat to experience it through them. Matthew LOVED it. Here he is relaxed, reading to his horse and eating pringles.