Thursday, June 12, 2008


Katie is just the cutest! She loved chasing after the balls that Sam hit with his tee-ball set.


Sammy's dentist told him to floss, it is so cute because he lays his head in "Dr. Mom's" lap and patiently lets her floss.

Sammy's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Sammy's (aka Superman) 4th Birthday at a park on Saturday. When he got up, I let him help me make the cupcakes. He loved whipping them with the mixer. This is a swimsuit that he got for his birthday and spent the rest of our trip changing in/out of it at a moment's notice. It was hard to remember to call him by the right name! (depending on how he was dressed)

Wedding Pictures

My mom and Dad even danced at the reception. They had an amazing chocolate fountain. The strawberries were amazing! My mom's brother Jim did the ceremony and this is him dancing with his lovely wife Linda. Dawna is dancing it up with the cousins Jamie and Mindy. I don't know how I got away without any pictures of Vaughn!

Some wedding photos, Dawna with my cousin Jamie (New York) Jamie and Jenny before the wedding (sorry Jenny with the lights and window it didn't turn out as well) My cousin Jeff walking his mom (Elesa) down the aisle and the chair that they set up as a tribute to my grandmother. There was a purple rose (that was her favorite) and a corsage that Dawna made for her.

Dawna did such a lovely job on the wedding flowers! I never take enough pictures!

While Dawna worked on the flowers for the wedding, Mom, Dad and I took the kids to the childrens museum. They had a lot of fun, especially Katie who was under the watchful eye of Grandma (drinking the play water :)

Utah #2

Flew out to Utah again for my Cousin Jenny's wedding. I stayed with Dawna and the kids. I had fun getting up with them and letting Dawna have some mornings to go back to bed.

First True Day of Summer Vacation

Today is the first true day of summer vacation. I have noticed that there IS a difference in teenagers!