Thursday, February 26, 2009

There's no place like home!

This is my favorite part of the trip. When we all pile in the car and the kids "crash" They are so cute when they are sleeping! I just love it!


Matthew had fun doing the limbo pirate style!

We went out for a "cruise" on a pirate ship. The kids had a blast (even tho it was cold and windy) They had watergun fights, face painting and a treasure hunt. They all pooled their find and won the "grand treasure"


We went to Mexico for a day, went and parked and walked across the bridge into Mexico. The armored cars and Mexican Army were what greeted us on the other side - I truely believe what the news it saying now.
We found a bar that had a mechanical bull and Eric, Courtney and Adam had a good time riding it. The banana splits on the American side were the best!

Horseback riding

Poor Matthew - he waited all week to go ride horses on the beach - we arranged to ride for two hours. That night, he began throwing up - he felt a little better the next morning so we let him go. He started out ok - after a short while he was tired and ready to be done. Any other day he would have lasted forever. It was a great ride tho.


We went fishing - had fun and enjoyed being together - didn't catch anything (maybe a cold :)


Matthew got an airsoft gun for Christmas and had fun playing on the dunes. Adam spent some of his Christmas money buying a "trick" kite that he really enjoyed flying on their windy days!

We had fun playing on the beach - the kids even tried to bury their grandpa's jeep. It did take a few tries to get it out!

Matthew enjoyed the frigid water more than once - he was the only "brave" one that stayed in. Courtney only took a "photo op"

Christmas 08

We went to South Padre Island in Texas for Christmas. The condo was fun and we had a great time decorating a gingerbread house and playing guitar hero that they got for Christmas.
Our little tree that we brought from Vincennes - what memories!