Monday, October 5, 2009

Fort Myers

Eric and I flew to Fort Myers for a few days to relax and get away - the beaches were great and as you can see - someone has a hard time detatching from reality!

We flew over a rainbow in the flight on the way home - really cool to see.

Mothers Day

The kids/dads hosted us ladies in a lunch for Mother's Day. They cooked, served and cleaned up. The kids did a song before the lunch for us.

Adam is such a treat!!!!

Springfield Illinois

We went to Springfield Illinois with my mom, dad, and Chris and his family. Went to the Lincoln Museum, his home, law office, tomb and many other sites in town. Lots of fun and so much history to learn!

Annie Get Your Gun

Adam was in the Lincoln High School Spring Musical Annie Get Your Gun - as you can see he had multiple parts and had a great time with all his older friends -