Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

My mom and dad celebrated their 40th Anniversary over Thanksgiving. We had family over and "relived" their experience thru stories and memories of their "life" together with their children. It was fun being with most of the family - Sorry Dawna that you couldn't be there (it wasn't that fun :0)


The nation is in a craze for Twilight. Courtney is trying to get the book finished. She was waiting for her friend to get back from Florida so that the their group of friends can go see the movie. I went and saw it - good teenage love story. Isn't she cute - I love that smile!!!!


So we took a weekend and headed for Chicago. I had been trying to get Eric to take us to see "Wicked" and he gave in and bought the tickets. We spent the weekend sightseeing and having fun. We stayed at the Palmer House and ordered pizza at 2 in the morning both nights- the kids loved it. The play was amazing (I had seen it in St. Louis 3 years ago) and I don't think that the kids hardly moved a muscle. Courtney's comment was that it would be hard not to sing along with the songs during the play. They have been listening to the cd for 3 years now. The production in Chicago was amazing - Glenda was SOOOOO funny. I definately recommend seeing it before they close the production. Got to see the "sights" and definately can't wait to go back with the kids when it is warmer and do Navy Pier.


Our friend Natalie came in for a few days to stay with us, she has grown so much - the kids had a blast playing with her.

Happy Birthday!

Dawna and her family flew in to attend the Franklin School Chili Supper. We also celebrated Katie and Mom's birthdays.

Murphy's Law

So, when something can go wrong it will. With the miles piling up on my van, Eric and I had discussed getting a "newer" car. We purchased on off of ebay and were in the process of waiting for it to arrive, knowing that the tires on my van needed to be replaced badly. I took the kids to school and suddenly heard this LOUD dinging in my tire. After consulting with Eric, we found this large bolt in my tire. Fortunately they were able to patch it to last until our car came.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

I helped with the automation of the Franklin Library this summer and told the kids that if they helped, I would buy them a trampoline. After long hours, we finally made it to Evansville to purchase it. They had fun helping their dad put it together.