Monday, October 20, 2008

I Hate to be Tagged!

4 TV Shows I watch: (DVR- who has time to watch when they are on - I have about 70 hours saved!)
1) Wife Swap - my new favorite - maybe my family would appreciate all that I do for them (or maybe I will be the bad mom and they won't want me back!)
2) ER - I hate that it is the final season
3) Days of our Lives - I actually forward through about 45 minutes of it - my addiction that I can live without!
4) Extreme Makeover - Home addition - Makes me CRY!
4 Favorite Restaurants
1) Steak and Shake - Love their chili and onion rings!
2) Texas Roadhouse - I truely could eat just the rolls!
3) The Brick Oven - a must when I visit Utah
4) Bobe's Pizza (6th street only!)
4 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1) Went to church
2) Took a nap - coming down with a cold
3) Visited with my Mom and Dad
4) Yelled at Eric and Adam at 10:30 for doing laundry when they woke me up!
4 Things I'm Looking Forward to:
1) Franklin Library to be totally automated and I can get a life!
2) Dawna coming to visit (with her family of course!)
3) Christmas - I love snow and cold weather - then it can turn into spring!
4) RETIREMENT! I'm tired of working! :)
4 Things on MY Wish List
1) A vacation away with my husband
2) A trip with my sisters - New York or somewhere warm would be nice
3) Forget the nanny - I want a Masseuse (sp) that lives here and rubs me down daily!
4) Peace among my two "teenagers"
People to Tag: ( people that I think might actually do it)
Sarah R.
Heidi R.

4 Little Known Facts about me
1) I am way OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder )- Don't even go there but I can't stand ODD numbers!!!!!!!
2) I am insecure about my self - I am just a good faker
3) I love to be alone - don't tell my family though
4) I love a challenge and can't say NO - that's what my mom says