Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

My mom and dad celebrated their 40th Anniversary over Thanksgiving. We had family over and "relived" their experience thru stories and memories of their "life" together with their children. It was fun being with most of the family - Sorry Dawna that you couldn't be there (it wasn't that fun :0)


The nation is in a craze for Twilight. Courtney is trying to get the book finished. She was waiting for her friend to get back from Florida so that the their group of friends can go see the movie. I went and saw it - good teenage love story. Isn't she cute - I love that smile!!!!


So we took a weekend and headed for Chicago. I had been trying to get Eric to take us to see "Wicked" and he gave in and bought the tickets. We spent the weekend sightseeing and having fun. We stayed at the Palmer House and ordered pizza at 2 in the morning both nights- the kids loved it. The play was amazing (I had seen it in St. Louis 3 years ago) and I don't think that the kids hardly moved a muscle. Courtney's comment was that it would be hard not to sing along with the songs during the play. They have been listening to the cd for 3 years now. The production in Chicago was amazing - Glenda was SOOOOO funny. I definately recommend seeing it before they close the production. Got to see the "sights" and definately can't wait to go back with the kids when it is warmer and do Navy Pier.


Our friend Natalie came in for a few days to stay with us, she has grown so much - the kids had a blast playing with her.

Happy Birthday!

Dawna and her family flew in to attend the Franklin School Chili Supper. We also celebrated Katie and Mom's birthdays.

Murphy's Law

So, when something can go wrong it will. With the miles piling up on my van, Eric and I had discussed getting a "newer" car. We purchased on off of ebay and were in the process of waiting for it to arrive, knowing that the tires on my van needed to be replaced badly. I took the kids to school and suddenly heard this LOUD dinging in my tire. After consulting with Eric, we found this large bolt in my tire. Fortunately they were able to patch it to last until our car came.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

I helped with the automation of the Franklin Library this summer and told the kids that if they helped, I would buy them a trampoline. After long hours, we finally made it to Evansville to purchase it. They had fun helping their dad put it together.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I Hate to be Tagged!

4 TV Shows I watch: (DVR- who has time to watch when they are on - I have about 70 hours saved!)
1) Wife Swap - my new favorite - maybe my family would appreciate all that I do for them (or maybe I will be the bad mom and they won't want me back!)
2) ER - I hate that it is the final season
3) Days of our Lives - I actually forward through about 45 minutes of it - my addiction that I can live without!
4) Extreme Makeover - Home addition - Makes me CRY!
4 Favorite Restaurants
1) Steak and Shake - Love their chili and onion rings!
2) Texas Roadhouse - I truely could eat just the rolls!
3) The Brick Oven - a must when I visit Utah
4) Bobe's Pizza (6th street only!)
4 Things that Happened Yesterday:
1) Went to church
2) Took a nap - coming down with a cold
3) Visited with my Mom and Dad
4) Yelled at Eric and Adam at 10:30 for doing laundry when they woke me up!
4 Things I'm Looking Forward to:
1) Franklin Library to be totally automated and I can get a life!
2) Dawna coming to visit (with her family of course!)
3) Christmas - I love snow and cold weather - then it can turn into spring!
4) RETIREMENT! I'm tired of working! :)
4 Things on MY Wish List
1) A vacation away with my husband
2) A trip with my sisters - New York or somewhere warm would be nice
3) Forget the nanny - I want a Masseuse (sp) that lives here and rubs me down daily!
4) Peace among my two "teenagers"
People to Tag: ( people that I think might actually do it)
Sarah R.
Heidi R.

4 Little Known Facts about me
1) I am way OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder )- Don't even go there but I can't stand ODD numbers!!!!!!!
2) I am insecure about my self - I am just a good faker
3) I love to be alone - don't tell my family though
4) I love a challenge and can't say NO - that's what my mom says

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Courtney's Smile

Courtney got her braces off the end of May. Doesn't she have a beautiful smile?!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Matthew's Birthday Fun

On Matthew's birthday, we went to Casey Il to celebrate Riley's 4th birthday. The kids had lots of fun swimming in his Grandma Carla's pool. We have a tradition of going to the rodeo every year for Matthew's birthday. This year was special because he always participates in the kids portion of chasing a baby cow and trying to pull off the ribbon for a prize. There are 3 calfs and around a hundred kids that chase them. This year he left his cowboy boots and hat at home so that he could run "faster" by golly, he got one of the ribbons. He had the rodeo clown Rudy sign his shirt and ribbon after it was over. He said that he was going to save the dirt in his shoes because it was "prescious" and would remind him of that night forever (and no, I didn't save the dirt :)

What Adam does for money!

In the lake, we found some mussels, with Adam's phobia's I told him that I would give him $50 if he would eat it. I told him that he had to chew and swallow it. I couldn't believe that he did it!

Kentucky Lake - Fun in the Sun

We had lots of fun playing in the water and on the shores - the kids loved knee-boarding!

End of Summer

The last weekend before school started, we went with Eric's family to Kentucky Lake. Courtney worked on her scuba diving open water certification while the rest of us played. It was such a fun relaxing time. Great before school started.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun While Mom's Away!

I have been volunteering up at school alot this past week. I left Adam in charge of Matthew and when I came home, this is what they had been doing. Mud Baths. They had hosed off before I could get my camera out and truely do them justice. They had such a good time.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Matthews Game

Matthew got tickets to an Evansville Otters baseball game so he took his dad and two friends and had a boy's night out. He LOVED it. They had so much fun and being minor league, they got to go out on the field and get their souv. signed by all the players and then run around the field. My baby's growing up!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


We had such a good time with Natalie. She has grown so much. It's sad not having her around all the time. The last picture is of her trying to wake Courtney up for church. She is such an angel!! (Courtney and Natalie)

4th of July Fun

We had the Lough's over to dinner while the Howells were here. We did sparklers and some fireworks for the kids. It was such a beautiful night!! Perfect for fireworks. Afterwards, we had a water fight with my boys. I think that Adam got the worst end between him but he knows how to dish it out! It's all good though :)

4th of July Parade

We went to the parade with Mike, Linda and Natalie. She loved the parade and them throwing the candy. Little kids are what makes it so fun!


The Howells came in to visit for the 4th of July. This is Natalie meeting grandma's new kitten - she called it Max, but it hasn't been named yet.

Meeting Nathanial

Eric's cousin's Melissa and Rhonda and her baby Nathanial came in from North Carolina to visit. We got to meet him for the first time. He has the biggest, cutest smile!!! Adam was playing around with someone's sunglasses. Nathanial was baptized during his visit. This is him with the kids and their cousin Kyla. We ran into them at the 4th of July parade. He is just the cutest!